Friday, April 18, 2014

Safely Cruising Around Town!

My much loved office/ soul mate, Miracle, sent me this picture of her "nephew" Miles. This is how he rides around town. Forget the doggie seat belts on the market. Miles uses the regular one! What a good boy! He stays so still and the belt fits perfectly. 

Thanks my Milagros for sharing. Love you, girl!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Today's Excuse To Be Outside

This is my Rag-a-Muffin, Buddy, aka Bud Bud. Today, he was my excuse to be outside in the backyard. Look at him. He's a mess. We just got back from a weekend at a beach house (working on that post) and that didn't help his messy, ratty hair-do. 

So, when I got home this evening, after I washed the dishes and cooked something for dinner (beef tacos), I went right outside. I'm out there every single night that I'm home. Even if it's only for 5 minutes, I go out and sit, relax and unplug. No technology at all. It's just me, the dogs and the sounds of the birds, the neighborhood dogs and, if I'm lucky, the oh so wonderful sound of the train. I LOVE the sound of the train. I've always wanted to live by a train track and I'm lucky to live close enough to one that I get the distant, beautiful sound of the train's horn, but far enough away to feel safe from derailment. :)

I laid out a beach towel on the grass. Buddy knew something was up and rolled over in submission. As a sign of good faith, I lay down beside him and talked sweetly before I got the scissors out. Then, I proceeded to give him a bit of a haircut. He was really still and a very good boy. I think he likes the attention and I'm very careful and it probably just feels like he's getting pets.
 And when I was done, he continued to lay there, in his typical stiff-as-a-board, terrier way. 

But, then I said, "Ok, Up. Up!" and he got up and ran around. I told him to sit and pose for a picture, which he (uncharacteristically) did. Look at the blur of his wagging tail. See! He was happy. He loves his mama.

One of my nurse managers at work sends out a quote every day and the one above is the one she sent out today. I wanted to share it here because the quote resonated with me and the things currently on my mind. I actually printed it out and put it up on my desk so I can look at it every day. I was not a fan of Steve Jobs, but he has some really profound (to me anyway) things to say and this is one of my favorites. Even though, in reality, with all of the restrictions and commitments and responsibilities that we all have, these words are easier said than done, it was a good quote today for me and to have a beach scene with a lighthouse (my mom's favorite thing in the world) was extra special for my Monday.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Kind of Sunday

Yesterday, I went out in to my backyard, with the dogs. It was so beautiful. There was a cool breeze that made my wind chime sing. It was sunny and I sat at the table with my newspaper and a Diet Pepsi and ignored all my chores inside. It was my kind of Sunday. I wish every day could be like that. So peaceful. I didn't have a care in the world and neither did Dingo or Buddy. They love being outside, especially when it's with me. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dingo Loves A Sun Spot

This was Dingo last weekend in the backyard, right before the grass was cut. He loves to find a nice sun spot. It brought back so many memories I have of him and his back yard sun spots over the years. Even though he's an Oldtimer, he's still very handsome. Don't you agree?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Sunday Drive

photo via  gwensewvintage

I've been searching vintage photos of dogs and I came upon this one. It's such a great snapshot in time of a man and his dog. Look how happy they both are. I assume it was taken in September of 1965.

I absolutely love going for long drives. Yes, it's changed a bit now that I commute daily. Driving long distances in traffic,  I don't enjoy. But, the long, don't have a real destination, just looking out at the scenery type of drives, are divine. They soothe my gypsy soul.  I grew up doing that. I'm not sure if it's a southern thing, but we really did go on Sunday drives. 

I think this picture was taken during their Sunday drive. They stopped somewhere along the way, maybe to go to breakfast, ( I also love going out to breakfast!) and took this picture.

A nice long drive is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. That's not in the cards for me today, but I'm living vicariously through this photo I decided to share. 

Warmest wishes for a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.
Enjoy your family.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Water Monster

I've written many times about how much I hate the dogs in the kitchen, especially when I'm cooking. I just don't want their hair to get all over everything and I can't stand their constant scrounging for crumbs. 
Well, I, now have a new, unexpected ally in my quest to keep them out and I have, formally, named this ally, The Water Monster. The seemingly harmless water dispenser is the first thing EVER, in 10.5 years, that has spooked Dingo. 

That's right. My super tough, junk yard dog is so petrified by the dispenser, that it keeps him out of the kitchen. He's found a spot, just close enough to the kitchen to watch what's going on, but just out of sight of The Water Monster (because if he can't see it, it can't see him) and if I try to coax him to come closer, he goes in to full combat crawl to avoid it. 

It's so refreshing to not have to say "out of the kitchen" about 100 times a day, but, I do admit it's weird for me to see him scared of something. Of course, me, being me, starts worrying that it's because he's getting old. I guess that's a post for a different day. I won't digress.

Peace Out. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dog Park at Dusk: Morgan Hill

This post is the first feature story in a series I am going to do on local dog parks and I think I've started off with the most beautiful one around. The view above and below are not of the actual dog park, but, instead are of the areas that immediately surround it. 
The location of the dog part is on the west side of Morgan Hill, in a very convenient location, with ample parking (at least at the time I was there).  I arrived at dusk, so the already beautiful scenery was made more so by the glowing light of the setting sun. 

I visited the "Large Dog" area first and I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the enclosure.

There are walking paths, trees for shade and benches for sitting. 

No matter which direction you look, beauty surrounds you.

Absolutely wonderful. 

Oh, by the way, YES! There were also dogs there. I got so caught up in the beauty all around me that I almost forgot why I was there! Above is a 4-month old doberman puppy,  ready to play. 

Lots to smell, you know. Look at that shiny coat!
A visitor walking her foster dog. The "Large Dog" area is so expansive that you can actually take a walk with your dog along the path inside. 

This is Bella, a shepherd mix with her person. She was chasing her ball, until another dog took it and never brought it back. 

I walked over to the "Small Dog" area and this Beagle was the first dog I saw and heard. Beagles have the most distinct howl-bark and this one's echoed, as it's head was so far inside a freshly dug hole, as it searched for whatever it is that Beagles search for inside the earth. 
Here is a shy one, whose name I didn't get.

 Awe...look at Chica.  She was the youngest baby I met that evening and I'm guessing she's never too far from someone's arms. 

Meet Trixie, a salt and pepper coated Corgi. She was at the park with her mom, Jane (not pictured) Love. Love. Love. 

Princess, a Chihuahua, was all decked out for the weather, while being lovingly snuggled by her mama, Deanna. Look at her itty-bitty tongue. So cute. 

And introducing, Chito. I didn't get the exact spelling of his name. It could be Cheeto, but you get the idea. He was the Star of the Show. Look at that face. Look at his smile. He knows he's the boss. I didn't even get to pet him. He was too busy running around taking care of business. I think he should run for Mayor.

And here's Chica again, this time being held by her mama, Helen. Chito and Chica both belong to Helen, who was originally only fostering Chica via, but, then, decided to keep her. Who can blame her? Look at that snuggle bunny. 

And now I want you to meet Benny, the one dog who stands out, in my mind, the most from my visit. If you met him, you would understand. He's handsome, looks at you straight in the eye and is very, very friendly. He's also super funny. The hands you see around him (in the picture above) aren't of his person. You see, Benny has this habit of running up to people and getting in between them and any other dog.  So, those hands actually belong to...

Carma, seen above. Her dog is Spunkin, the white Chihuahua, seen in the foreground. And, Look! There's Benny, right by Carma's side, just in case Spunkin tries to do something crazy, like be with his own mama! 

So, where's Benny's mama? Well, her name is Francis and she was working this particular evening, but Benny was lucky because he was escorted to the dog park by his dad, Ron. (Can't tell you how disappointed I am that Benny isn't in focus. He has the most handsome face!) Next time I visit, I'm sure Francis will be there and I'll make sure to get a fabulous shot!

Here's Spunkin again with a new friend, Buddy. In no way shape or form could I get a good picture of Spunkin. I could never get close enough to even attempt to get a proper pose. Too busy for me, I tell ya!

 Buddy, seen here with is family, is half Chihuahua and half French Bulldog. He's the pride and joy of Don and Shoshonee, as he's comforted them through some very tough times. My short visit with them proved to me how important dogs can be in helping people deal with all sorts of trauma, addiction, recovery and loss. In fact, Buddy is now a certified service dog for emotional distress. I won't go in to the full details of Don and Shoshonee's story here, but I was moved by it, as their openness in sharing some of their bittersweet experiences was an unexpected way to end my visit that night. Warm wishes to them both.

It was getting dark, so I had to leave. There was only enough time for one more (cell phone) shot to prove I was there!

I want to thank all the wonderful, caring and friendly people who shared their dogs with me during my visit to the Morgan Hill Dog Park (and special apologies if I got the spelling of any names wrong!) It's not everyday that a stranger with a camera (and no dogs of her own) comes walking through the dog park, asking to take their pictures and share their stories. If, only, they could only know the true joy and appreciation I felt, as they opened up their evening to me and gladly shared just a tiny bit of their life with a stranger.

One person did ask me, "so, this is what you do for fun?" It was an honest question, fueled by curiosity about me and what the heck I was doing! I totally understood what she meant and, if she only knew how much fun it was for me to meet all the dogs and their people, she could really see how embarrassing I am about dogs! 

My blog is what I do for fun. I love writing, taking photographs and telling stories, especially about dogs and their people. All I can say is...

The Morgan Hill Dog Park opened in January 2007. A big Shout-Out! to The Morgan Hill Dog Owner's Group (MHDOG), as they were the driving force in the successful bid to bring a much needed dog park to Morgan Hill. To read more about MHDOG and the effort it took to make the dog park a reality, please visit their website

The dog park is located on W Edmundson Avenue near the intersection of Monterey Road in Morgan Hill, CA.  

  Which dog park will be next? Stay tuned...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Copper Girl

Last Tuesday at 7:01 am, this is the first face I saw when I looked on my phone. My friend and co-woker, Sonja, sent it to me via Facebook. No caption. No words. No explanation needed. Just Copper Girl, staring at me with that soulful, beautiful face. What a wonderful way to start my day. 
and...NO. I have not had the opportunity to meet Copper yet, BUT, it's in the cards (even if I have to invite myself over!), as she somehow seems like my oldest and dearest friend.

See you soon, my old friend...

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me...

Went to one of my favorite spots today. It's called the Queen's Chest and it's inside of a car wash in Campbell. I'm not a big shopper, but I love this little piece of heaven. I like to buy gifts from here, as it usually has things you don't see elsewhere and I always try to find one little thing each time I visit to take home with me. 

 Today, it was this special bird that caught my eye. I think she actually told me, "take me home". I don't like a lot of doo-dads or knick knacks, but she was just staring at me from the shelf in the store and she reminded me so much of my mom, that I just had to buy her. I don't know why she reminds me of my mom, but nevertheless, she was meant to come home with me. 

Dingo, of course, was fixated as soon as I took her out of the bag, so I gave in and let him get to know the little one. 

Then, I placed her on a shelf with my mom's lighthouses, surrounded by other much loved things I collect (snow globes, home design books) I'm not sure where the little birdie will stay permanently, but this location seemed appropriate for tonight. 

I'd like to give a huge Shout-Out! to November 2013. 
I'm so hopeful that it's better than my October. The 10th month of the year is usually my favorite, but the 2013 version was like a train wreck, for which I'm still recovering. It started out with buying a house ( I know, a good thing, but SO stressful), proceeded with moving (boxes still from one end to the other end of my house), continued with the reality of commuting (maybe renting wasn't so bad after all) and ended with my sweet Lucas falling and breaking his arm (3 hours in the ER, 2 hours in Ortho and countless hours waiting for and sitting through his surgery). His cast finally gets put on tomorrow and I can't wait to know there is a hard, protective shell surrounding his wounded arm. 

I'm desperately looking for more time to write, take pictures and be creative because I realize what a stress relief all of that is for me. More to follow...

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