Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Saturday Potato Bug...Roly Poly

I gauge how cold it is by how tight my Formosan Mountain ball of fur gets. She's my own little isopod, aka..potato bug or roly poly. When (or, I guess, if...) we go to Tahoe this winter, her head may disappear in to her body!

Happy Saturday!
except I still have a four-legged alarm that went off today at 4:22 am. 
It's ok, though. That's what naps are for. :)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

1st World Blog Problems

It was brought to my attention that this annoying picture troll is all over my blog. When I went to investigate, I discovered that every time you see this error message, it's because there should be a picture there. Some of my images for my blog posts have been stored on a site called Photobucket and now that site makes you upgrade to a plan that costs money in order to continue to let you link to your photos. Since my blog dates back to 2009, there are so many images that now are replaced with the troll. 

Even my beloved tag line (above) that goes at the end of every single post has been affected. So, now I have to copy and paste it every time, instead of it auto-populating, as I've programmed it to do. 

Not sure what I will do to solve this, but whatever it is, will take time. energy and patience. This, plus, the fact that it's raining and I have a dog that hates rain (and refuses to go outside, even an inch) and traffic of epic proportions, just makes for a stupid Thursday.

BUT, instead of focusing on being upset with this newly discovered 1st world blog problem, I'd like to have positive thoughts and share this awesome quote I saw on Instagram today. I I have no idea who to give credit for the words, but what a great way to go through life!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday's Look of Love

Lately, the dogs have been getting cheated on their walks. Because of a little laziness on my part, the daily walk has been the bare minimum. Of course, some of that is because it's getting dark and little miss Princess gets spooked by any movement whatsoever from any distance, so she puts on the brakes and we head home. Today, I was determined to go earlier and give them a long walk, which we did, successfully. This Look of Love above is the result of that. "Thanks, Mom". 

Pardon me, while I digress...

You know what else causes the "look of love"? 
This storm system, currently on it's way.
Yep. Here it comes and there...they...go...

 skiers, snowboarders and snow bunnies of all kinds...loading up and heading out. 

Including me? Na. I'd just fall down...hard. The only thing I shred is lettuce when I'm making a salad. I'm more of a stay-behind, in-the-lodge, relax-by-the-triple black diamond fireplace, kind of snow bunny. But, cheers to the adventurous!

Enjoy it, snow people. 

I'll be waiting right here: warm, dry, safe and snuggly.  :)

"Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide". ❤

- Collide, Howie Day

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Heavenly Wishes

Sending a Happy Veteran's Day wish to my dad in Heaven. He was in the Army and, even though I was very young, I have memories of going to the barracks in Fort Knox, Kentucky and watching him train from behind a fence. After his service, he spent most of his life being a hard working carpenter. He could build anything by hand, I think. He picked out my name (my mom wanted Amber Dawn) and is the one that gave me my first puppy, Hondu. He asked me to go get something from his work van and, to my surprise, there was my very first 4-legged love. Thanks, dad. You started a life long obsession for me. Hope you're resting in peace and that you get a few scoops (or the whole gallon) of butter pecan ice cream today. 

Wishing my mom a Happy Birthday in Heaven (November 10). She would have been 64. I know she's around me all the time. I'd like to thank her for not doing anything paranormal to scare the crap out of me! She was 16 when I was born, so we grew up together. She loved dogs, Tahoe, Thanksgiving, a fresh snowfall, lighthouses, Santa Cruz, American Idol, music and cookies. She was a red-headed spit fire Scorpio female. Sometimes, like yesterday (her actual birthday), I see someone who looks or resembles or feels like her (or all three) and in those times, I feel like it's her way of showing me that she's still with me. I try so hard to resist the urge to go to that person and hug them as tightly as I can. Other times, I blur my eyes and pretend, just for a moment, that it is my mom and she's not gone. I miss her laugh, her beautiful eyes, her Kentucky phrases, her sense of humor, her touch and our long talks. Up until the end, I still laid in her lap and she played with my hair. 

My beautiful friend, Christine, died this past January, after a very quick battle with cancer. I hope that my mom welcomed her to heaven and they became fast friends, because I feel like, together, they would rule the clouds. :)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Slipper Standoff

As my kids would say, "Sandy is butt-hurt". She thought I brought home a new toy for her today. Turns out, I brought home new slippers for myself, because my feet have been cold recently. I found these whimsical ones for $9.99 at Marshall's and thought they would be fun. Fun for whom, you ask? Well, for me, of course. No one else that lives in my house would find these simple gray animal slippers any fun. Right?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


"Meet Cookie! Cookie is an adorable 8 month old Formosan Mountain dog mix. Cookie is a goofy girl who loves to be around people. Cookie can be shy at first so she would need a patient home that will allow her the time to open up. Cookie loves to cuddle and play with toys, she loves to give kisses and follow you around. Cookie finds comfort when there is another dog present but bonds quickly with her people. Cookie is about 25-30lbs and will stay in the medium range. We are looking for a responsible dog savvy home that will continue to show Cookie what it means to be in a family. Cookie is being fostered in Dublin, CA. Please share and help us find this sweet girl a home to call her own! Cookie is patiently waiting!"

Click here to learn more about Cookie. 

Picture and text courtesy of Love and Second Chances Rescue. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Sun Spot

This is Buddy, also known as My Boo Boo Buddy or Bud Bud. The only time I actually call him Buddy is when I'm yelling at him. I have to yell because he can't hear anything!
He's 14 and is as hearty as a horse. This Sunday afternoon, he found a perfect sun spot and it brings me peace to see him enjoy it. 

Unlike Sandy, he loves everybody. 

Happy Sunday. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

My Saturday Night

Princess Sandy checking in on her chicken. 
Above is a snapshot of my Saturday night. I cooked a whole chicken for Sandy. It's actually for both dogs, but Sandy is the reason for the specialty. She's a picky eater and if she skips a meal because she is being picky, she vomits. She can not go more than 12 hours without eating or she vomits. So, we go out of our way to cook things, like a whole chicken, that we can cut up and mix with her kibble ensuring that she eats (in record time I might add). Then we can go about our lives. Easy like Sunday morning...

Since, I had surgery 6 weeks ago, today was the first time I could get back to normal routine, like taking care of my home. It felt good to rearrange cabinets, decorate and putter around my abode. It was also a day full of shopping, laundry and ironing to get my son ready for the his high school Homecoming Dance. This year, he went with a group of friends, which is so much better for 15 year old boys. Having a date is too much pressure for them. 

Now, my kitchen is clean, the dogs have been walked, my older son wolfed down a large pizza I ordered for him and is now "Face-timing" with his girlfriend, who goes to school in Humboldt, as they watch the series, Avatar together (yes, they watch movies and shows remotely, but together...very 2017) and I'm all alone on my couch, with my dogs, snug as a bug in a rug. 

Don't forget it's Fall Back tonight, which means one extra hour of sleep! 

p.s. I just got word that it's snowing in Tahoe right now!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Two Scorpios

Today is Princess Sandy's 3rd Birthday! She is totally high maintenance. For example, in trying to get his photo, on our way out for her birthday walk, she bit me.  She was like, "what the heck is going on and why are your trying to pick me up!" Yes, she's a brat, but she's my brat. She's a Scorpio through and through...observant, pensive, protective, aloof, selective on who is accepted in to her world and deeply affectionate with those she loves. Ok, for you Negative Nelly's...I know horoscopes and signs are mumbo-jumbo and hocus-pocus, but I believe in it (even for dogs) so there! 

Not sure how I ended up with this crazy dog, but she keeps my life interesting. I absolutely love her and am thankful she picked me to be her human. 

Today is 3 days past my birthday. I had a birthday post prepared, but ended up being lazy and not posting it, because, well, I'm tired. :)

If your birthday was on October 28, like mine, I hope you spent it in a beautiful place, covered in snow, sitting by a warm fire, sipping Peppermint Schnapps, exhausted from a day of fun and surrounded by the ones you love. 
HBH. ILY...Always. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dogs Make The World Go 'Round


I'm recovering from emergency surgery and my girl, Sandy, has not left my side...literally..for 14 days. 

Dogs make the world go 'round. Thanks, girl.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Love My Girl

Always by my side. Love my girl. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Crazy, Twisted 4-Legged Baby

 Look how she lays on the couch. Almost always. It's her spot. 

 Her twisted spot. It's her own special yoga pose. It looks so messed up, doesn't it? Crazy girl. 

I love my four-legged babies, crazy and all. 

This is a screen shot from my phone. I am reading (for the 2nd time in a row) a book on the Kindle app. The book is titled, "Present Over Perfect. Leaving Behind Frantic For A Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living " by Shauna Niequist. 

I have about 25 screen shots on my phone from this book. It's life changing for me. I know that sounds super corny, but, if you could know me, you would know it's true. 

Seven years later and I still love my blog. :)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Tweetle Beetle Beach Dogs

Packed them all in. 

For an evening stroll at the beach. 

I take every chance I can get to be with these growing-up-way-too-fast boys of mine. 

No matter how much of a tall, dark and handsome man he becomes, he will always be my baby. 
(and, of course, I have his permission to write that.)

Why are family selfies so hard to take? It's like building a rocket ship, I'm telling you. 

Buddy doing what he does best...embarrassing himself, all in the name of attention. 

Don't think they realized they were almost in the same pose at the same time. 

My beach bunny, Sandy. She was so easy to take a picture with. I didn't have to force her or hold her at all. Seriously. Easy as a Sunday morning. Ha!

This video shows just how difficult it can be to get both dogs to sit still for a photo. It's always like a Tweetle Beetle Battle. If you don't know what that is, then you don't know Dr. Seuss and I'm offended. :)

In addition, I just want to convey how bad Sandy was at the beach. She was so hyper, out of control and stubborn. Buddy, of course was an angel. He's allowed off leash and he listens (when he can hear completely) and is how all dogs should be. Sandy? Ugh. I love her so much, but she is a HAND FULL of a bottle full of puddles.

Very well, then
Mr. Knox, sir.
Let's have a little talk
about tweetle beetles....
What do you know
about tweetle beetles?
When tweetle beetles fight,
it's called
a tweetle beetle battle.
And when they
battle in a puddle,
it's a tweetle
beetle puddle battle.
AND when tweetle beetles
battle with paddles in a puddle,
they call it a tweetle
beetle puddle paddle battle.
When beetles battle beetles
in a puddle paddle battle
and the beetle battle puddle
is a puddle in a bottle...
...they call this
a tweetle beetle
bottle puddle
paddle battle muddle.
When beetles
fight these battles
in a bottle
with their paddles
and the bottle's
on a poodle
and the poodle's
eating noodles...
...they call this
a muddle puddle
tweetle poodle
beetle noodle
bottle paddle battle.
Now wait
a minute
Mr. Socks Fox!
When a fox is
in the bottle where
the tweetle beetls battle
with their paddles
in a puddle on a
noodle-eating poodle.
THIS is what they call...
...a tweetle beetle
noodle poodle bottles
paddled muddled duddled
fuddled wuddled
fox in socks, sir!
Fox in socks,
our game us done, sir.
Thank you for
a lot of fun, sir. 

 ©Fox in Socks, Dr. Seuss. All rights reserved. 


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