Monday, June 18, 2018

Missing My Walking Partner

I'm missing this guy right here. My Dingo was the best walking partner a girl could ever have. He would go with me on a walk, anywhere, anytime, no matter what. 

Now I have this one. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE her. She's my little appendage, my girl, my snuggle bunny, my napping buddy, my heart. But, because she is so skittish and feral, the only walks I truly get to enjoy are the ones where she's left at home. Yes, she cries and cries the whole time I'm gone. It's like she knows I went for a walk without her, but she just can't get herself to go, unless it's her exact route we take every day. 

I live in one of the most beautiful places and I would love to have a dog by my side, as I walk it. Believe me, I've tried to break Sandy of her fears. I've spent the extra time trying to coax her to go on walks in new places, but I finally gave up. It's just too stressful and time consuming and I'd rather just go alone. But, tonight as I did walk alone, I let myself feel the sadness over not having my Dingo by my side, as I did for 11 years. 

I"m hoping he's going on long walks with my mom and dad. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Companion Sloth

Yesterday, I went swimming. Let me tell you, if you think you are in shape, you should test your theory by going swimming, because then you will realize that you are NOT in shape. It kicked my butt. This was my view when I got home. I was on my couch, being a sloth, along with my companion sloth. I wish I had my own pool, because I think I might be able to coax Sandy in and give her a great swimming work out and, then, maybe, just maybe, she would not be as finicky and maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't growl at everyone and everything. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Roseville Moon

Meet Luna! She lives in Roseville. I was on a walk with my sister and nephews and I saw her from quite a distance away. Of course, I embarrassed myself by going up to her "daddy" and asking if I could meet her. He was very nice and accommodating. I mean, he knows how cute she is! 

Even though he only had her for about a week, Luna knew that he was her security. When I got down on the ground and started talking to her, she immediately went to him and wanted him to pick her up. So, he did and then I got to get up close and personal. Awww...a puppy. The lure. The fun. The sweetness. It was almost painful to walk away, but my nephews were getting restless because it was hot and they didn't really want to go on a walk in the first place. Boys...

"Breaking away with the beast of both worlds
A smile that you can't disguise
Every minute I keep finding
Clues that you leave behind
Save me from these reminders
As if I'd forget tonight
This time La Luna
I light my torch and wave it for the
New moon on Monday
And a fire dance through the night
I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite
New moon on Monday
And a fire dance through the night
I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite"

New Moon on Monday, Duran Duran

Someday I'll have to share how Simon LeBon from Duran Duran was my first true love. I used to take the lyrics (like the ones above) to my dad to have him read them, so he could tell me what they meant. I needed to know what Simon LeBon was trying to me. 

P.S. He still holds a little piece of my heart. ❤❤

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Dogs in Heaven Have a New Best Friend

One week ago today, we, unexpectedly lost our beloved dad and Papa. Because of the shock, I have not been in a place to share. Because of my heartbreak, I could not face his funeral, but yesterday, in his honor, Martin, Lucas, Dominic and I went to the Santa Cruz pier. We did what Papa would have done, eat a nice lunch, watch the sea lions and the sailboats and visited the lighthouse, while watching the surfers. It was peaceful and I felt close to my dad. He was buried next to my mom in Marion, Illinois.
"To my dad...You will forever and always be my dad. Not my step-dad. My dad. Thank you for being one of the best things that ever happened to me. Thank you for all the love and support and laughter. Thank you for instilling in me a love of a good conversation, a stellar work ethic, the joy of reading the newspaper, the comfort of a fire in the fireplace and, of course, the love of baseball.
All you ever wanted was to be in your home, cooking and fussing over your family and your dogs. You were such a night owl and, in that, you brought Jessica and I so much comfort, as we felt so safe when we went to bed at night, because we knew you will still up, either watching baseball, some old western movie or, on many occasions, David Letterman.
You were the best dad of girls, as you had so much respect for us, with only a little eye rolling when we obsessed over hair or when you arrived home from work to find one of my boyfriends break dancing in the driveway, dressed like a ninja. I will always remember your patience when I did things like bring you the lyrics from a Duran Duran album, so you could decipher the meaning of the words for me.
We have missed you so much these past 10 plus years, with us living so far away. But, I do want to say that it has brought me so much comfort knowing that this past 10 years, I feel you have lived your best life, with a beautiful home and a beautiful family and some crazy dogs, all while in the home town you loved so much.
Sharon and the girls gave you such a beautiful, stable life and I only wish you got to enjoy it longer.
No words can possibly describe how much we will miss you every single day for the rest of our lives. We love you more than the stars in the sky. The world is a much darker place without you in it. I’m not sure how or why this can possibly be fair, but I just hope that God has big plans for you. I hope right now you’re sitting around with your mom and dad, catching up, while being surrounded by all the dogs you’ve loved and lost.
During your service, Martin, Dominic, Lucas and I will be at the Santa Cruz Pier, in celebration of you. That is our little way to feel close to you in a place that you loved.
Rest easy, our beloved Papa.
The dogs in heaven have a new best friend.
Kimberly, Martin, Dominic and Lucas"

Daniel Randolph Jenkins
July 6, 1950 - April 8, 2018
The best dad a girl could ever have. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Snuggly Warm Night

My girl is snugglin' hard tonight. She's always near me, but not necessarily on me. Tonight, she is on me. We went for a walk and now are enjoying the house to ourselves, which is a very rare occurrence.  It's a warm night, almost like summer. 

I discovered this amazing channel on tv and it's tuned to classic 70's music and I'm currently overdosing on it. 

I live for the small things. 

"Thunder only happens when it's raining. 
Players only love you when they're playing." 
Dreams- Fleetwood Mac.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We started our day out right! We took the dogs and went on a local trail this morning. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! I was absolutely happy on my favorite holiday. It was my first time at this trail and I am in love. It was also a first for Sandy, so we didn't know what to expect of our skittish girl. 
She was so excited and pulling me like crazy, so I had to stop and try to set some ground rules. Ha!

It was like she was saying, "WOW! What is this place?" Actually, that is what I was saying too!

As usual, Buddy, just goes along for the ride. 

It was early enough that there were not a lot of people. 

What? Naaaa. No way. 

For the most part, Sandy did great! She did try to jump at people on bikes and growled at other dogs passing by, but I kept her close and we worked on that. 

Of course there were a few hiccups, like when she encountered something she hadn't seen before... a bridge!

Then, she turned in to a mini-mountain lion and tried to bolt. 

But, I held tight and we had an amazing walk. Now she will sleep all day and I don't have to worry about walking her tonight. 

This is my favorite day of the year and it was my mom's absolute favorite holiday. I think of her very much on this day. Unlike last year, I'm not hosting, so I get to be a guest and relax. 

Today, I'm thankful for so many wonderful parts of my life. I'm was in heaven to have the pleasure of both of my sons, by my side, for most of the day and I enjoyed every single second. 

Thanksgiving 2017

Love where you live. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Saturday Potato Bug...Roly Poly

I gauge how cold it is by how tight my Formosan Mountain ball of fur gets. She's my own little isopod, aka..potato bug or roly poly. When (or, I guess, if...) we go to Tahoe this winter, her head may disappear in to her body!

Happy Saturday!
except I still have a four-legged alarm that went off today at 4:22 am. 
It's ok, though. That's what naps are for. :)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

1st World Blog Problems

It was brought to my attention that this annoying picture troll is all over my blog. When I went to investigate, I discovered that every time you see this error message, it's because there should be a picture there. Some of my images for my blog posts have been stored on a site called Photobucket and now that site makes you upgrade to a plan that costs money in order to continue to let you link to your photos. Since my blog dates back to 2009, there are so many images that now are replaced with the troll. 

Even my beloved tag line (above) that goes at the end of every single post has been affected. So, now I have to copy and paste it every time, instead of it auto-populating, as I've programmed it to do. 

Not sure what I will do to solve this, but whatever it is, will take time. energy and patience. This, plus, the fact that it's raining and I have a dog that hates rain (and refuses to go outside, even an inch) and traffic of epic proportions, just makes for a stupid Thursday.

BUT, instead of focusing on being upset with this newly discovered 1st world blog problem, I'd like to have positive thoughts and share this awesome quote I saw on Instagram today. I I have no idea who to give credit for the words, but what a great way to go through life!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday's Look of Love

Lately, the dogs have been getting cheated on their walks. Because of a little laziness on my part, the daily walk has been the bare minimum. Of course, some of that is because it's getting dark and little miss Princess gets spooked by any movement whatsoever from any distance, so she puts on the brakes and we head home. Today, I was determined to go earlier and give them a long walk, which we did, successfully. This Look of Love above is the result of that. "Thanks, Mom". 

Pardon me, while I digress...

You know what else causes the "look of love"? 
This storm system, currently on it's way.
Yep. Here it comes and there...they...go...

 skiers, snowboarders and snow bunnies of all kinds...loading up and heading out. 

Including me? Na. I'd just fall down...hard. The only thing I shred is lettuce when I'm making a salad. I'm more of a stay-behind, in-the-lodge, relax-by-the-triple black diamond fireplace, kind of snow bunny. But, cheers to the adventurous!

Enjoy it, snow people. 

I'll be waiting right here: warm, dry, safe and snuggly.  :)

"Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide". ❤

- Collide, Howie Day

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Heavenly Wishes

Sending a Happy Veteran's Day wish to my dad in Heaven. He was in the Army and, even though I was very young, I have memories of going to the barracks in Fort Knox, Kentucky and watching him train from behind a fence. After his service, he spent most of his life being a hard working carpenter. He could build anything by hand, I think. He picked out my name (my mom wanted Amber Dawn) and is the one that gave me my first puppy, Hondu. He asked me to go get something from his work van and, to my surprise, there was my very first 4-legged love. Thanks, dad. You started a life long obsession for me. Hope you're resting in peace and that you get a few scoops (or the whole gallon) of butter pecan ice cream today. 

Wishing my mom a Happy Birthday in Heaven (November 10). She would have been 64. I know she's around me all the time. I'd like to thank her for not doing anything paranormal to scare the crap out of me! She was 16 when I was born, so we grew up together. She loved dogs, Tahoe, Thanksgiving, a fresh snowfall, lighthouses, Santa Cruz, American Idol, music and cookies. She was a red-headed spit fire Scorpio female. Sometimes, like yesterday (her actual birthday), I see someone who looks or resembles or feels like her (or all three) and in those times, I feel like it's her way of showing me that she's still with me. I try so hard to resist the urge to go to that person and hug them as tightly as I can. Other times, I blur my eyes and pretend, just for a moment, that it is my mom and she's not gone. I miss her laugh, her beautiful eyes, her Kentucky phrases, her sense of humor, her touch and our long talks. Up until the end, I still laid in her lap and she played with my hair. 

My beautiful friend, Christine, died this past January, after a very quick battle with cancer. I hope that my mom welcomed her to heaven and they became fast friends, because I feel like, together, they would rule the clouds. :)

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