Friday, August 21, 2009

Black and White Friday Night!


He is a six year old Chow mix. He loves his rope. He loves to play soccer
and he's actually really good. There are no words to describe how much
he loves to go on walks and rides in the car. He howls at every single fire
engine siren within a two-mile radius. He pees on everything new I place
in the yard. When he comes in the house all he does is look for crumbs.
He is very protective of the yard and sometimes I think he might actually
hurt the mailman or meter reader. It doesn't help that they eventually
our yard because then he feels like, "yeah, that's right. I did my job.
My barking
made you leave." He's very stubborn and you can see in his eyes
how hard it is
for him to NOT be the Alpha male with me. He obeys, but it
kills him! On the
contrary, when I take him for walks at night, he's scared of
his own shadow. Although
far from the perfect dog, he's my dog. He's My Dingo.


This is Buddy Baby greeting my son after getting home from school and running errands.

Perfect Pose!

Dingo with my other son. I love the "floppy-eared" look on Dingo. I have a hard time capturing it in pictures. This, with the fact that my son has a semi-normal (rare) look on his face make this a one in a million shot for me!

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