Saturday, August 22, 2009

Furry Friends Saturday Night

All of these dogs need a home, either foster or permanent or both. Some are considered "Urgent". Please click on their picture to go to their specific web page that will have their individual information and needs. I got these cuties from the Furry Friends Rescue website. Please visit their site for a more exhaustive list of animals in need.







American Bull Dog




Since I began this website, the most eye opening revelation

has been witnessing the amount of dogs in need. The word

"need" has so many meanings that I can't possible explain

them all here. I know that I can't take all of the dogs in or find

them all homes, but I can do my little part sharing some of them

here. There are so many wonderful organizations, like

Furry Friends Rescue, that are dedicated to helping animals.

It's amazing to me how much time, energy, effort, love and

dedication that these people give to the rescue of animals in

need. The people involved are truly wonderful in their giving of

time, money, energy and love and I’m happy to share some of

their featured “cuties” in hopes of making even a little difference.

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