Friday, August 14, 2009

Shepea (aka Miss Daisy) Needs A Home!



I am sending you these photos, hoping you might fall in love with this wonderful senior dog, Shepea (whose real name is Daisy). I am fostering her right now, but my home has too many animals and I only took her in because she would have been killed at the Hollister Animal Shelter (HAS). Her story in brief: she was found hungry and dehydrated, trying to lick water from a closed plastic bottle on the sidewalk..she was filthy, covered in ticks, fleas. and feces, and quite confused and disoriented. She had an owner, but they refused to claim her. She's now had various bloods tests and a heartworm test, got all her shots, teeth polished, cleaned and removal of the bad ones...and our groomers her did her free of charge.

Shepea is completely housebroken, gets along well with my dogs here, her drawbacks are physical: She is deaf and partially blind and has some arthritis in her hind legs. In spite, she still loves to go for short walks with the other dogs. Also, Shepea needs to be with someone who understands she has some minor anxiety issues -- she just needs to know someone is there for her. Shepea is loves people and is very affectionate. She'll lay by your side as you garden or at your feet as you watch TV.



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