Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Rescue, A Pretty Girl and a Sweet Boy Named Max

Aimee and Willow
This is Aimee with her new dog, Willow. I featured Aimee on an older post, in which she had just lost her beloved Queensland Heeler, Shiloh. She, like all doggie mommies, has opened her heart to a new love. The new love is Willow and this is what Aimee has to say about her: "She's about 3 years old and a rescue. She is a Chihuahua cross, most likely with Rat Terrier, and weighs a whopping 7.7 lbs. SO SWEET!!!! Very smart and a cuddler :-) The folks who had her could not afford to keep her anymore - they were unemployed, living in the projects in SF and expecting a baby. They had rescued her from a neighbor and had had her a year. They really loved her but could not afford medical care for her, etc., and did not want to take her to a shelter. I was the lucky one who hooked up with them, and VOILA! A new baby for me. Her big brother, Astro (70 lbs) wants to play with her, but she isn't so sure about him - I think he just seems really big. My husband and I feel very, very blessed to have this beautiful little girl."

Thanks for sharing Aimee. You are blessed, but Willow is the lucky one because she finally has a loving, permanent home in which to live her life.

Aimee has a friend named Lisa who has this beautiful dog above named Shawnie. It seems that Shawnie likes this pink lei so much that when Lisa took it off, Shawnie brought it back to Lisa to be put back on her. She likes to look pretty, ok? As you can tell in this picture, she looks fabulous!


Max is the sweetest and cutest guy you will ever meet. He loves everyone and has a great smile. He is animated, and fun (a very young 5 years old). Everyone thinks he is a puppy. He walks and acts like one, but not destructive, and he is both potty and crate trained. He is only 6 1/2 lbs, and this is as big as he will get. He is neutered and current on his shots. If interested, please contact Maryann at 925-284-8508. *Update 10/2/09- Max found his forever home. What a Good Boy!*

Have you rubbed your dog's belly today? ~KS

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