Friday, October 16, 2009

A Beautiful Spirit


Ginger was a pug and cattle dog mix and was 19 years old when she passed earlier this summer. She was just so darn cute. I adopted her when she was about 16 years old after my dear sister Laurie passed away. I’ve known her since she was a puppy and always loved her. When I became her owner she was hard of hearing and had limited vision for quite some time. However, up until the near end of her life she loved to take walks, ambling along slowly and occasionally surprising us by breaking into a fairly rapid gallop! The past 18 months she experienced nerve damage in her hind quarters which made it increasingly difficult and painful to get up from the floor. We tried various medications which stabilized her for a while but brought on side effects, most notably incontinence.

The downtown park in Campbell, Calif. was her all-time favorite place for a walk in this area. She just loved it there. And, I loved taking her for walks there because she moved slowly and it made ME slow down, which was a good thing.

Ginger was a rare dog. She was so polite – yes polite – she was so gentle and would never, ever do anything without my permission. This included waiting by the front door before coming outside until I let her know that it was okay. She loved traveling in the car and I pretty much took her everywhere since she enjoyed it and I felt uneasy leaving her for long periods of time alone. She was just the sweetest and most loving companion one could ever wish for. People of all ages loved Ginger. She had a very healing quality about her and, in fact, a hospice nurse friend of ours suggested that we take her to visit cancer patients so that they could pet her. Ginger’s sweetness was the direct result of her previous life with my sister. My sister and Ginger were nearly inseparable and my sister’s nature was very mellow and compassionate.

Towards the very end of her life she was nearly unable to get up off the floor, and was urinating frequently in the house…which just wasn’t like her. One vet said she was in “serious” distress. Seeing her slow down and stop eating was so hard. Selfishly I really wanted her to hang around forever. But, I finally decided to let her have some dignity and let her go. It was a grueling decision that I wish I didn't have to make.

We miss her terribly. I have purchased a rose bush and will soon be putting her ashes in them so that her beauty and spirit will live on. ~Vicky

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Vicky said...

Kim, thanks for your continued concern for dogs, and for posting my memory of Ginger! It truly warms my heart. Vicky

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