Saturday, October 24, 2009

Max and Molly


I'm dog sitting which translates to me being a happy girl. Although the reason I'm taking care of these two sweetie pies is a sad one, I'm glad to get the chance to see them everyday. One of the dogs, Molly, age 9, has diabetes, which requires me to give her a shot twice a day. In return, I try to make up for this little bit of pain (for her), by providing a extra amount of lovin'. Her brother, Max, age 12, also benefits, as he also gets extra lovin'. Since the dogs are sleeping in the garage right now, tonight we (my son went with me) put the tv on and watched Paul Blart, just so the dogs could be inside for a while longer. I wanted them to be snuggly in the family room while we hung out. I was hoping to bring them some extra comfort because I know they miss their mom and dad.

Molly is a happy girl on our arrival.

After her dinner, she starts to settle down. She pants a lot. Not sure if it's from the diabetes.

Finally, she goes "night night".

Here's Max. Look at his face. Can you believe he's 12? He still looks like a puppy. I've been really spoiling him with the belly rubs. I think he likes it.

~Much Love, KS

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