Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures To Remind Me

Tonight, I'm posting this picture of my beautiful dog, as he relaxes in my living room on a lazy afternoon. I'm choosing this picture because I need a reminder of how good he can be, because this evening, he was the worst dog in the world! I took him for a walk on the trail and decided to let him sit in the front passenger seat of the car on the way. He was bad. Jumped in the back. Wouldn't get back in the front. "It's a privilege to sit in the front, Dingo. Normally, you are in the back of the car and you want to be up front!" Ugh... Once at the trail, he pulled and pulled me. Wouldn't listen. I "barked" at him the whole way. People probably thought I was crazy. He was worrying about squirrels in trees and basically anything else that was a distraction. It was like he had a bug up his tail. time, I'm going by myself. He lost trail rights. (Well, at least until tomorrow because I feel guilty when I go without him. He likes it there, you know...)

Speaking of guilt...
Tomorrow is my last time to take care of my babies, Max and Molly, who I've been dog sitting. My son, whose been the best sidekick in this endeavor, started to cry because he said, "I will miss them." You know what? Me, too. I have enjoyed them so much and tonight when I went by myself, I could tell they were looking for my son. I know that I could never be a foster mommy to dogs because I would get too attached and my heart would break every single time I would have to say goodbye. Adding to that, the fact that my little boy's heart would break every single time, seals the deal for me. I'll stick to trying to find them homes in a "virtual" way. Of course, the owners of these dogs are like family and live about two seconds from me, so we can go and see Max and Molly anytime we want. But, visiting them and taking care of them are two different realities. The latter is way more soul-soothing. On the positive side, they get to go back to sleeping inside with their snuggly family, so I'm thrilled to not have to worry about that anymore!

Speaking of soul-soothing...
When I got back home from the trail with Dingo, I was greeted with this beautiful sky. It was right over my house and was an awesome sight after the stressful walk I just endured. I ran inside and grabbed the camera so that I could have pictures of the sky that reminded me of the beauty in my life and the beauty of where I live and the beauty of the dog that stood next to me. (who, by the way, peed on my hydrangea as we walked to the door)

Ahhh...that's why I have pictures to remind me...

Much Love ~KS

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