Saturday, October 17, 2009


My good friend, Kelly, has finally sent me some pictures of the newest member of her family, Sammie! I've been waiting forever (well, it seems like it anyway). Sammie has my dream life of living in a beautiful, romantic place by a lake with a house full of dogs and a man who LOVES her. House full of dogs? I know. I know. She is a dog, but you get the idea. My fantasy (hint hint) is to make Kelly take me up for a visit someday so that I can meet Sammie (and camp or learn to ski, season dependent) and all the other dogs in the house so that I can take my own pictures, but these will do for now. Thanks, Kelly. Here's Sammie!
"This is Sammie Monroe. She is a ten month old black lab. Sammie was rescued from Fair Oaks Labrador Rescue in July 2009. Sammie joins a long line of black labs loved and cherished by the Monroe family. She is a bit clumsy and likes to sit on people, on objects, and often on the family's kitten Jack. True to her lab nature, she gets into a bit of mischief when the family is out. She has been known to polish off an entire loaf of pound cake when no one is looking and has even taking to chewing some very nice Maui Jim sunglasses. Sammie lives at Lake Almanor and gets to play in the water every day during the summer. She is not the most natural of swimmers for a retriever, but she's working on it. We are waiting to see how she reacts to the snow in the winter. All in all she is a wonderful puppy who loves to people and animals alike and is a great addition to our dog-loving family." ~Kelly

"If you've never loved a dog, you should." ~KS

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