Friday, December 4, 2009

Bonaparte's Retreat

In the newest edition of People Magazine's Country edition there is a wonderful, but short article about Emmylou Harris and her dog rescue organization, Bonaparte's Retreat, that she runs in her own back yard. She was inspired after the death of her own beloved rescue dog, Bonaparte.

She built dog runs in her own yard and has placed over 70 dogs in new forever homes in the last five years.

According to the article, "her doggy bunkhouse comes with an eating station, a sofa and satellite radio." Harris, herself, walks, feeds and puts the dogs to bed. "We make sure their time here is the best it can be before finding them a home", says Harris.

For more information, please visit her site. There's lots of pictures of adoption success stories, as well as other parts of the website dedicated to Emmylou and her career.


What Emmylou is doing is just about as close to my dream as possible. If I had the room and the resources, I would love to take in dogs whose days at the shelter were over and keep them until they could find forever homes. It's just about the most rewarding way to give back that I can think of. She rocks (pun intended!) and the joy she receives from those dogs is evident in every single picture.

Much Love~KS

Always give credit where credit is due:
Some text above taken from article in People Magazine Country December 2009. All pictures above are Copyright All rights reserved.

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