Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congratulations Are In Order

I have a friend named Kelly. Kelly's dad, Steve and his wife, Suzanne live in a house by a lake. Lake Almanor to be exact. They have dogs. Boy, do they ever! In addition to the dogs (5, I think?) that live with them, they also foster rescue dogs, from time to time. A beautiful yellow lab named Gracie was one of said "foster" dogs. She was supposed to be passing temporarily through this wonderful household, when, Steve's black lab, Sammie (also a recent rescue), became attached to Gracie and they became fast friends. (It's a girl thing, you know.) Long story short: Gracie is now a permanent member of this dog-loving household. As it turns out, Gracie came with a little extra poundage (she preferred not to discuss it). Upon further inspection (belly rubs), it seems that 8 little puppies decided to hijack their way into this wonderful home as well. (Who wouldn't? I'm ready to pack my bags and move there.) Gracie was pregnant and last Saturday, she had her beautiful puppies. Although they lost the runt, which Steve and Suzanne named Angel, the rest are doing well and are little "miracles". Congratulations to all!

Suzanne played the role of midwife for Gracie. Amazing!

Patient new mommy with her babies. All are latching on and eating well.

There are three chocolate and four black.

What a face...

Look at those teeny tiny paws...

Meanwhile, Sammie is wondering what happened to her best friend. Awe...

Thanks to Kelly, Steve and Suzanne for sharing this story with me. So exciting!

Much Love~KS

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Cindy said...

What a great story and people to match. We need more people in this world like them.

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