Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is Leonardo. I saw his story today and had to share it.

By Paul Thissen

Contra Costa Times

WALNUT CREEK — Only Leonardo knows what he's been through. And the 108-pound mastiff isn't talking.He's now up for adoption in Walnut Creek after having been locked in a bathroom for weeks with only a kitten and a Chihuahua for company. In the other rooms of the vacant Central Valley house, there were two crates full of other Chihuahuas. None of them survived. But Leonardo and his kitten and Chihuahua companions made it, likely drinking toilet water until being rescued by Kings County animal control officers. They had no food. Their owners had moved to Las Vegas. Eventually, at the end of September, neighbors called animal control after seeing the driveway sit empty. When Leonardo was found, he was so malnourished and underweight that he could not even be given his shots. He had formed special bonds with the kitten and the Chihuahua, said Elena Bicker, executive director of Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation, where Leonardo is now.

When Leonardo was in pet therapy, they would bring in the kitten and he would immediately cheer up, Bicker said. The kitten and Chihuahua were adopted in Kings County. But Leonardo's time there had expired — he was to be put down until ARF brought him to Walnut Creek earlier this month. His adoption sheet says he is mellow and "likes to snuggle."

"He's just such a big lug," Bicker said, adding that she hopes whoever adopts him has a big couch. "He's a couch potato."

The Animal Rescue Foundation, 2890 Mitchell Drive in Walnut Creek, will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday and will be closed Friday for New Year's Day. Call 925-256-1273.

Picture above by Dan Rosenstrauch, Bay Area News Group

Much Love~KS

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