Monday, January 18, 2010

The Babies Are Growing Up!

Wyatt. He's sweet and calm and loves to give kisses.

Tank. He's adventurous, smart and loves to cuddle. He has a
white star on his chest.

Alli. She is smart and beautiful.

Finn. He is the smallest of the group, but has a huge
personality to make up for it.

The rest of the puppies (see older posts) are spoken for, with
one girl (Lucy) going my good friend and I can't wait for her to
get old enough to come to her new home so I can visit her and
spoil her!

If you are interested in these puppies, please contact the blog and I will give you contact information. They are located in
Lake Almanor and it's quite a drive from here.

I can guarantee that the adoptive parents will be scrutinized
extensively, as these puppies are so loved.

Much Love~ KS


Liz said...

I seriously hope you didn't breed these dogs?

KS said...

Um, no, Liz. I didn't breed these dogs. Their mom was abandoned in the middle of nowhere and wonderful people, who are a part of a wonderful organization that rescues dogs, took her in and gave her a beautiful, loving home. In the process, they discovered that she was pregnant and subsequently gave birth to these beautiful puppies. Their story has been featured previously on this blog and these pictures are an update to my friends who have been following. I seriously hope you have a nice day.

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