Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mei Mei, ZuZu and Mercedes

Mei Mei

This is Mei Mei, a beautiful, sweet mature gal. She just turned 8! Unfortunately, due to human health issues in the household, her family has made the hard decision to place her. She is well trained, healthy, up on her vaccines, and has no health issues. Another plus is she is good with other dogs and children young & old! She was living with a cat in her puppyhood, but not since then. Given she is a Golden, it probably wouldn’t be an issue. If you have room in your home & heart please contact Yvonne Lee below. Look at that face, how can you resist?!

TSMC North America

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San Jose, CA 95134

Tel : 408-382-7974

Fax: 408-382-8009


ZUZU (on right) is about 1 1/2 years old, and approx 100 lbs. She needs a home with another dog who is on the mellow side, or just to be an only child. She is a very loving little girl, who needs to be given some time with her new family or owner. She would like to be spoiled and given some real time, as lately she hasn't had much one on one time with anyone. She has been at the kennel and then also back to a ranch to stay a few days with the lady who surrendered her to me. She is absolutely beautiful. She is trained on the ranch off leash, but never did a lot of walking with a leash. If interested, please contact Maryann (925) 284-8508.


Mercedes is an adorable and friendly Finnish Spitz/Chow mix. She is absolutely the sweetest and nice dog ever. She is about 35 lbs. Mercedes doesn't shed much, but she does need regular brushing for her undercoat. She loves her walks and likes being around the family. She is one of a kind. She loves to be petted and is good with other dogs. A true gentle soul. Please contact Maryann (925) 284-8508.

Much Love ~KS

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