Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year. New Rope.

No balls for him. Dingo loves his ropes. He gets a new one from time to time.
This picture is what I see when I make him sit for his new rope, which I usually have hidden in my clothing, but which he can smell. I love his crooked teeth and the little bubble on his tongue.

This time I put the rope up high to see what he would do to get it. Here has his eyes on the prize.

He wants it so bad, he can almost taste it.

First attempt.

With a little help from me, he finally gets it.

Finally, he does what we call, "get acquainted" with his new rope. He goes away and chews on it by himself. He doesn't want us to throw it. He won't let us touch it. He just wants to love it.

"If you've never loved a dog, something's wrong with you." ~Me...

Much Love ~KS

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