Friday, January 22, 2010







QUEENIE is believed to be a chi/beagle pug mix.

She is about 16 lbs and approximately 2 years young.

She is the sweetest little girl.

She loves children and other dogs, as well as big people. This

little girl is awaiting the perfect forever home. Anyone

interested call at 925-284-8508 Maryann.

This cutie pie is special. There's just something about her. I sent her pics to my friend Vicki because I think Queenie is meant for her. Haven't heard anything back yet, but no matter what, this beautiful dog will find her forever home and I bet it's before the ink is dry on this post.

Much Love~KS


Vicky said...

Hi Kimberly...Queenie is just adorable!!! You're right...she reminds us so much of Ginger. I've called the number you have listed but am getting a message that has nothing to do with pet adoption? Hope to hear something from Maryann soon. Thanks so much for thinking of me! Vicky said...

Hi Kimberly!

Just curious -- do you know if Queenie is still available?? Xo's, Vicky

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