Monday, February 8, 2010

An Adoption Success Story

I saw this on the Santa Cruz County Animal Services website and wanted to share.

"Diablo is a special dog with a wonderful story. Diablo was overlooked because of his "tough" Pit Bull image, which sadly is all too common for the breed. After sitting in the shelter for many months waiting for his forever , the perfect home finally came and scooped him up! His new owner says he does wonderfully with his children, and is charming everyone he meets. Diablo's leash manners have improved, and he is fitting in perfectly with his new family."

Images and quoted content are Copyright Santa Cruz County Animal Services.
All rights reserved.

Much Love~KS


Liz said...

Thanks for posting this. I do the Success Stories for Animal Services, so this is my work :) I am so excited he found his forever family! He so deserves it.

KS said...

Oh my goodness. Thanks for telling me that. How random! He is so cute. I mean look at that face. I'm so happy for him and for them.

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