Monday, February 15, 2010

Meeting Lucy

This is Lucy.

She is a very mellow and very soft 10 week old black lab.

She was adopted by my good friend Lindsay and her husband Curtis. They drove ten hours in one day to pick her up and are in the middle of their first few days with a new puppy.

She is also welcomed and loved by family members including Auntie Rachel, Lindsay's sister.

My boys came with me to meet Lucy and they sat in the
backyard with her.

She finally started to get playful...

and proceeded to make his day!

She even touched the heart of my pre-teen, as she climbed in to his lap and made herself comfortable.

Then, this mellow love bug, fell fast asleep. In fact, new puppy daddy Curtis pointed out, "so far, that's her best trick."

In the hour or so that we were with Lucy, I heard words such as, "we love her", "she just wants to snuggle" and "she's a good girl". As we left, my 11 year old said, "Lucy's awesome". When we got home my 7 year old said, " Lucy's cute, soft and a snugbug."

You know there will be much more to come about Lucy.
I mean, please.

Much Love~KS

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