Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Way to Start the Morning

It seems like a good morning to share something sweet. This beautiful picture above is titled "First Snow", and is actually a 12" x 12" original oil painting on canvas by Word Weaver Art. Sides of canvas are painted so that it could be hung without a frame. Although I didn't have a dog when my kids were that small, this painting brings back memories that I didn't even know I had. It captures a wonderful moment in time. Please visit the store on Etsy because there are many beautiful paintings like this one below, which I happen to love more than words can say.

Much Love~KS


wordweaver said...

I am so touched that you loved these paintings that I'm nearly speechless. The main word that I had in mind as I painted "First Snow" was just the word you used to describe it - sweet. I wanted it to make someone just stop and say, "Awwww."
As for "Garden at Grandpa's," you are seeing the view I remember from my grandpa's back porch... although I doubt there were ever so few weeds or rocks in that garden!
Thank you so much for including my work.
And for what it's worth... I've got a darling little fat dappled dachshund named Julie that I think you would love.
HE (WordWeaverArt)

KS said...

Well, a picture of Julie is in order then! and...You're Welcome.

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