Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I love my dogs today...

Let’s face it. Some days are better than others. When you have days like today (at least for me), it makes you appreciate the unconditional love that only your dogs can provide.

This is why I love my dogs today:

When I feel slighted, they greet me with flattery. (howling is a beautiful thing) When social constraints force my mouth to stay shut, they let me speak my mind without being judged. (the keepers of my secrets) When words I convey are met with incarcerated silence, their wagging tails let me know that I do, in fact, get somebody or something excited. (so, I’m not invisible!) When I long to reach out to someone I can’t touch, they allow me to lie down with them instead for a good long hug. (it does in a bind) When my words come out in all the wrong ways, they make me feel better by licking my face. When disappointment sets in over the future I can’t see, their satisfaction with my mere presence makes me happy to just “be”. When craving a glance, a touch or a hope, they feed my desire when they bring me their “rope”. (Dingo loves his rope) When the rain comes again and dampens my speech, the disappointment disappears as soon as they speak. (woof!) When I’m faced with the absence of someone I’ll miss, they sense my abandonment and give me a big fat kiss. When my plans are forcing me out of my element, they give me comfort by keeping their routine and sleeping at my feet on their blanket. When my feelings of love overwhelm even me, they give me an outlet that’s acceptable for all to see. When I decide to concede and raise my little white flag, they stare up at me as if to say, "don't give up, Mama. It's not that bad." When I worry about Karma over thoughts I shouldn’t have, they remind me that feelings of love can never be bad.

Now, as for thoughts of resentment and frustration and grief... I’ll have to talk the them about it and do a posting next week!

Much Love~KS

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