Thursday, May 27, 2010

He Finally Has a Peace of Mind...

"Cole is a 2 year old border collie/lab mix. He had a rough start in life living most of his life in a neglectful situation with little food, companionship, training, socialization and his most minimal needs barely being taken care of. Cole is now in foster care with POMDR and is blossoming into the wonderful dog he was meant to be.

Cole is great with people and loves to play with other dogs although he needs to be introduced appropriately to new dogs. He'd probably do best with a playful female dog, but he is in a foster home with a young male dog that is his good buddy and playmate. He loves to ride in the car, follows his foster dad around everywhere, and has a great recall when asked to "come". He would love to be someone's full time companion!

He is very intelligent and catches on quickly when being trained. He has only been in his foster home a month, but has come a long way. Cole is going to make someone an amazing family member."

If interested in adopting Cole or other needy dogs like him, please visit Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.

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Much Love~KS

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