Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Dog Shack

I discovered a Northern California rescue group called The Dog Shack. I've decided to give them a shout-out here (plus add them to the Resources sidebar) and feature a few of their dogs that need homes, either foster or permanent. Please visit their site. Read about their group and help them out if you're able. I like their message and what they do, so I wanted to share it with my Blog Pack.

Sammy already has a special place in my heart because he looks so much like my Dingo. You can see his page and read about him here.

Moira needs some belly rubs. Can't you tell? Actually, she's well taken care of, but needs a permanent place to rest her paws. She's somewhat of a Oldtimer and we all know the place in my heart for those, so please check out her page here.

Hounds are special and Autumn is no exception. She's looking for an new home, preferably with seasoned hound owners. You can view her page here.

This is Tony. Look at those beautiful eyes. You can read his page here.

Sometimes a few words can affect a person and this is what I read on The Dog Shack site that touched me:

"Dogshack believes that if a little network of kind, dog-loving and dog-competent people would form this kind of safety-net around an animal control facility near you, so many more soulful brown eyes would continue to sparkle with the gift of life..."

Such simple, sweet words for a simple, sweet cause...saving a life.
A four-legged life...

Much Love~KS

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