Friday, October 8, 2010

My Version of Heaven

This week started with the Blessing of the Pets at my sons' school. It is a very sweet tradition where animals of all kinds can come to be blessed by the priest. He says a prayer for them and then walks around and sprinkles the animals with holy water. It is divine chaos on that morning and this year was no different. I was in Heaven just walking around meeting and taking pictures of the dogs. Because I wanted to take pictures, Dingo and Buddy stayed home. They wouldn't have liked all of the craziness, anyway. Well, at least that's what I tell myself to feel better about leaving them behind. Here are a few of the dogs that were in attendance.

Look at this Star of the Show above. Beautiful dog!

Big boy, Caymus

You can guess what that puddle is on the right. Lots of puddles and piles going on that morning.

All of the little dogs were held.

This is Daisy.

Camera shy...

Fluffy fluff...

A very sweet Bull Mastiff...

A rescued Dalmatian

Soulful, calm German Shepherd

She loves to have her picture taken. Can't you tell?

Thunder, and Australian Shepherd

She was a little unhappy with my camera.

Making new friends...

Mama's girl.

Lot's of Labs in the house!

A beautiful Golden (auburn) Retriever

Wishing everyone Peace, Love and Happiness on this Friday Morning

Much Love~KS

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