Thursday, October 21, 2010

Waif I'm Not. Curves I Got! ™

This is Jasmine. I found her at Peace of Mind Dog Rescue's website. She's an Oldtimer, which we all know means she already has a special place in my heart. Supposedly, she's a little over her weight requirements, but we won't say she's overweight. Let's just say she's curvy. Here's what the website says about Jasmine.

"Jasmine is a 12 year old Black Lab. She weighs about 90 pounds and is on a weight loss program to lose about 10 or 15 of those pounds! Jasmine ended up in the Sacramento Animal Shelter after her guardian passed away. She is a real nice dog with a good energy level for her age and size. She loves to go for walks and may pull at first out of enthusiasm, but soon slows down and stops to smell the roses! Jasmine gets along wonderfully with other dogs and older kids although she can be possessive of bones so should be left alone if given a bone to chew on. Jasmine seems to be house trained, but she is incontinent when sleeping. (Her bed is wet when she wakes up...) She is currently on a medication to hopefully cure the incontinence. It also may resolve after she loses some weight."

If you are considering adopting a dog, please consider an Oldtimer, like Jasmine. They still have so much love to give.

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Much Love~KS

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