Monday, November 29, 2010

A Much Worthy Shout-Out!

Three sisters, Alice, Cindy and Winnie (Sibling Rivalrie) are writing a book. It's titled Canine Chronicles: 1900-2000, A Century of History's Most Notable Dogs. I love any books about dogs, so when I was contacted by Winnie, who also does fabulous dog portraitsabout this book, I wanted to feature it. In order to complete this project, the sisters are raising money through donations. I admire that even more! They are working hard for this book, so you know it will be fabulous! Please watch the video above or visit the site to find out how you can donate to help them fund this new "Must Have" for your book shelf. While you're at it, post it to your Facebook, your Twitter or what ever social connection sites you belong to. They need to raise the money by December 15, 2010, so hup hup!
Let's help these three entrepreneurs realize their dream. 

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