Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rescues (literally)

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By Garrett Cheen
Firefighter Brian Rauch rescues a dog from a building fire as a woman follows close behind. No animals or people were seriously injured from the blaze.

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Fire Lt. Chris Herrera and firefighter Adam Thompson revive a 17-year-old German shepherd pulled from a house fire. The dog was recovering at a local animal clinic. KEVIN ELLIOTT/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL

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Tony Harrington climbs up from his apartment with his dog, Peanut Butter, as a firefighter holds Casper, his other dog. Firefighters helped him rescue the dogs Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010, after a fire at some apartments in Fairfield. Photo By E.L. HUBBARD

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Here's the house on fire. Photo by Howard Waggner

Here's the lone surviving puppy (four other pets already died). Photo by Howard Waggner

"Paramedics administered CPR, intravenous fluid, and oxygen to the surviving puppy ... later, "the puppy had been upgraded to stable condition. "It was wagging its tail and kissing the vet staff!." Photo by Howard Waggner

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Fairfield Firefighter Jerry McGuire administers oxygen to a dog rescued from a smoky house fire in Fairfield while other firefighter work to extinguish the blaze. The owner of the house was treated on scene and transported to a hospital for smoke inhalation. Two dogs were rescued, but two cats perished in the blaze. Photo: Contributed Photo\Fairfield Fire Department / Connecticut Post Contributed

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A woman driving a Toyota Camry slammed into a telephone pole.
Firefighters helped extricate the woman and the dog.
The dog had an injured leg and was taken to a veterinarian in a firetruck as the woman was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
The dog was lifted out of the car and into the firetruck by Anaheim firefighter Gary Vaughn.

And, now, for my all time favorite...

This firefighter saved this dog from her burning home. He carried her out of the house and into her front yard, then he returned to fight the fire. When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest.

A photographer noticed the dog in the yard watching the firefighter. There were other firefighters on the scene that day, but she was watching him. He saw the dog walk straight toward the man and wondered what she was going to do. As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired firefighter, who had saved her life and kissed him just as the photographer snapped this photograph.

I have no idea if the story behind this picture is true, but I love this picture more than anything. It doesn't even need a caption, if you ask me. It's story is right there, for all of us to see.

Much Love~KS

"Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people (or dogs) whose lives they saved (or touched). ~Susan Diane Murphree

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