Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Dog in the Family! (sort of)

 This is my good friend, Jill's, new dog. (That's why he's sort of in the family.) He was adopted by her and her family from AFRP, an awesome organization that I've featured many times. Jill and her two boys drove to Pacific Grove to meet "Barney" (final name to be determined) for the first time. They loved him and brought him home. Today, I went to meet him for the first time. I had my camera in hand, of course!

 He's so sweet and mellow and all he wants to do is play fetch with his tennis ball. 

 He's a five year old Beagle mix who originally turned up as a stray. So far he's been easy. He goes in his crate and he has been ok with my friend's two cats. 

He doesn't jump, which is good for her younger son who has a bit of a fear of dogs. He's not needy, but will roll over to have his belly rubbed. Since this is their first dog, my friend has been researching for a very long time. I think she made the perfect choice!

He's all about that tennis ball. It's always in his mouth. Even when rolling over for a belly rub, as in this picture, he keeps it in his mouth. He will even greet you with the sweetest bark/howl with the ball still in his mouth. Personally, I'm so excited to have a new dog to love and, of course, I'm always excited when someone gets a dog new dog for their family. The fact that he's a 5 year old rescue is just icing on the cake. Jill done good. 

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