Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now, This Is What I'm Talking About!

"Kimberly~I love your blog and I LOVE dogs! I recently lost the love of my life, Blue. He died this summer of cancer which took him from me after only 7 short years. He was a smiling dog, half lab and half hound (Catahoola). I now have Buddha who is a rescue dog. I love him dearly but I still am terribly sad for Blue. I cannot see another lab without thinking of him. Sorry to mention this but just someone else who loves dogs would know the loss one feels. I have 2 daughters but Blue was my "boy". Life marches on. Here are photos of both of them. Thanks again, Marianne." 
"This is Blue a few weeks before he died with my granddaughter, Miranda. She let him use her as his "pilllow" as she said when he was near the end."

"This is Buddha wearing a sweater a lady on Etsy made."

I've written to Marianne to tell her how much I have enjoyed her sharing her story of her two dogs with me. I featured Marianne's work on the blog and she responded by sending me her story. 

When I started out creating this blog, stories like Marianne's were what I hoped would fill the pages. That still is my vision. Every dog has a story and nothing makes my day more than hearing them, except maybe sharing them!  Thanks again, Marianne. 

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