Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Please Help Find Patty (one more time)

I wanted to post Patty's picture again. She's still lost. I saw my neighbor (her mommy) walking the neighborhood today with flyers. I feel so bad about Patty. She's on my mind every day and I don't really know her at all. Most of the time I've been around her, it kills me, but I can't reach out to her because she's very skittish. She avoids anyone she doesn't know. But, she's my neighbors' dog and they love her and miss her. 

I can't imagine having a lost dog. I mean, where is she? Where did she go? How far could she have possibly gone? Is she hungry? Is she cold? Is she hurt? It would drive me crazy. It's one thing to lose a pet to illness or even a tragic accident, but having one get out of the yard and just be lost in to thin air must be horrible. Every day, I just want to go out and drive around to look for her. It hasn't been a week yet, so maybe she's still in this area, hiding somewhere. I haven't done that yet, but I did post her picture here and I offered them additional help, if they need. So far, no word on Patty. 
Here is her story once again. 

"Patty got spooked by the fireworks for New Year's Eve and escaped the yard. Patty is a gentle dog, but very, very skittish and will not go to strangers. She will be very hard to catch, so they are asking that you call them directly if you have seen or do see her. If rescued, she is micro-chipped in her ear. She is 45lbs and was lost in the West San Jose/Campbell area. Please spread the word and her picture. Thanks. Call Lance 408-666-8552."

I believe the greatest gift you can give to your dog is socialization. If possible, as I know in some cases it's just not, the best thing is to get them over their fear of strangers. That way, if and when they ever do get lost, they will not be too scared to go to a strange person who may find them. I know that even the most social and loving dogs can get so scared by being lost and in an unknown place that they too will avoid strangers, but when you start out with a dog who is already afraid of every person besides his/her family, it makes it even more difficult for anyone, except the family, to rescue them. 

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