Sunday, January 2, 2011


I love these tags, not only because they are whimsical and fun, but also because you can see the dog's name from far away. I can't tell you how many times, I've rescued or found lost dogs and I can't read the tag. It's great if you can see their name from a little bit of a distance because then you can start calling their name. Having the bold and bigger phone number also helps. By Sofa City Sweethearts

These frames are sweet. I wish there was one that has "The Worst Dog Ever" because that's what we called our beloved Buster Brown. We loved him so much, but we always said he was the "worst dog ever." He was a handful! By My Polka Dot Pottery. Check out their Etsy store because there are numerous fabulous pottery items. 

Ok, so I digress a little on this one, but who can resist that face! Plus, this onesie is so cute for Valentine's Day. I think it makes a perfect gift for a child who shares their house with a four -legged love. Actually, this would be a gift for the mom, who will just love every minute of her cutie pie dressed in this shirt. By Chic Couture Boutique

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