Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anatomy of A Dog Rescue...Kimberly Style :)

Guess who I found on a busy road yesterday? 
Once I saw him, I turned around. I, then, pulled over and parked. After a little walking (he, of course,  disappeared), then a little whistling, he came running at me, full speed, BARKING...all 110 lbs of him. For a moment, I was thinking, "oh my, what have I done? I hope he's friendly." Well, he was and his excitement was almost too hard for me to contain. I finally held his collar and started rubbing his belly to calm him down. I didn't have a leash with me, so I just had to hold his collar to lead him back to my car. Once there, he jumped right in. 
He was ready to go! But, I left him there for a bit, as I walked the neighborhood around where I found him. I knocked on some doors to ask if anyone knew where he belonged. I met some nice people and one not so nice person. I walked back to my car and then drove around the neighborhood, this time asking people who were out walking or in their yards. After a little research, I found a house that could be his. I rang the doorbell. I knocked on the door. No response. I decided to leave them a note ("If you are missing a beautiful black lab, please call me. I found him on a busy road.") and take the dog home with me. I couldn't leave him there, not knowing if it was his house. So, I called my husband and told him to put Dingo and Buddy in their crates in the garage because I was brining home a stray and based on past experiences of the same kind, my dogs are not Kings of Hospitality and usually end up making total fools of themselves.  

 I brought him in to my back yard and we played for a while. I was trying to wear him out because he was beyond hyper. I went inside for a bit and he started barking and barking and barking.

Then, they started barking and barking and barking! They knew there was an intruder in their yard. I was starting to wonder "what am I going to do now?" Just in time, the person who I left the note for called me and said, "yes, that is my black lab. I just got home and the side gate is open and must have gotten out. Thank you so much for picking him up. I can come by and pick him up." I said, "Oh, no, no. I will bring him. My house sounds like the dog pound right now, so I do not mind at all putting him in the car and driving him back home." 

So, I loaded this handsome boy back in to my car and drove him home to see his family. I learned his name is Pele, after the famous soccer player and that normally he goes for a run every single morning on the beach or in the woods. This day, his mommy had a meeting, so he hadn't gone yet. It seemed, Pele took matters in to his own hands and broke free from the yard and went for the run on his own....right in to my life. 
Here...they...come! Once I got home, Buddy and Dingo were let out of their crates and I think they set the land speed record for running to the back yard to investigate the intrusion that they knew happened in their yard and their life!

First, sniff Mama. I said, "yes, I've been with others." 
His turn. 
Then, Sniff where the intruder was. 
And of course, show him who's boss! 

'Yeah, me too. Take that!"
Pele's mommy gave me some treats for my dogs as a thank you for brining him home. I think my boys deserved it after the stress of their morning.  And, yes, it was stressful for them. 
Dingo's ready for his treat!
Okay, boys. Here ya go. 
Right on cue, because he's so neglected (oh, please) and is always in fear of not getting his share, Buddy jumps up and snaps one treat out of my hand before Dingo can get it! 

Then, Dingo finally gets his. 
End of Story. 

Those who know me well also know how many dogs I've rescued in my day. By rescue, I mean, I'm driving along and see a dog, who is out on his/her own with no owner in sight and I then decide it's lost and needs to be rescued. Yes, there have been many a time where I've done U-turns, slammed on my breaks and driven on dirt roads to rescue one of my four legged friends, only to discover it wasn't lost, it wasn't in need of rescue, but rather it was actually a trained dog (what? what's that?) who was just wandering along it's own street connected to it's own house with it's owner working on his/her car or doing gardening in the front yard. But, hey, it's how I roll. 

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English Julie said...

Looking after that dog was a kind and caring thing to do! It would scare the heck out of me if I lost one of my dogs because they don't seem to have a great deal of road sense

K said...

Thank you. I was happy that he was friendly and came to me, as some dogs aren't and that can be frustrating when you are in a position to help them, but can't get them to trust you. Happy Ending. Happy Girl I was. I got to love on him for an hour or so and that made my whole week!

Anonymous said...

You are as bad as me!! LOL I can't tell you how many dogs I have done that exact same thing to. Once I put TWO ROTTWEILERS into my car and took them home. They did have tags on and when I called I learned that their humans had left unexpectedly to the hospital bc their mom was having a baby. They came and picked up their other babies and left me with a bottle of wine. lol Alicia Hodges

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