Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Miss Attitude

She's a Gilroy girl. The only one in sea of boys. Well, besides my sister, but you get the idea.  She will sit outside for hours and watch the world go by.  
She faithfully follows the kids around like a hired nanny. (hint: kids drop crumbs!) 
She's the sweetest country bumpkin and that makes up for (don't tell my sister) the pounds of hair she sheds on a daily basis. She's Maggie, my sister's best buddy and the Princess of our whole family. Here are some of her daily "looks".

 In the car, after the groomers. She has pink bows in her hair! Our family finally has a girl!

 Going to pick up my nephews from school. She's well traveled. 

 Here she is auditioning for American Idol. Believe me, she's better than any contestant on tonight's episode!

 Wrestling with Daddy, aka Ted, aka the leader of the Wolf Pack. 

 This is her sympathetic look. It's the one she gives me when I'm leaving or when she hears my sister complaining about the dog hair everywhere. She knows I understand. She knows that I know the truth. 

The Princess Bed

My sister refers to this picture as "Little Miss Attitude". 
Hmmm...wonder where she gets that from?

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