Monday, February 14, 2011

Truck Stolen with Beloved, Elderly Pug Inside!

By Lisa Fernandez

When Richard Brooks finished his workout Monday morning and left the gym on Monterey Road, his heart sank when he realized somebody had stolen his black GMC truck. Even worse, Jessica, his family's beloved 14-year-old pug dog was inside the truck. "This has not been a good Valentine's Day to say the least," Brooks said. San Jose police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said officers are actively looking for the truck with a custom license plate that is a replica of an American flag that reads, "We will never forget."
And, of course, police are trying to find the fawn-colored pug named Jessica, who has black markings and gray hair, due to her advanced age.

Jessica was also wearing a black collar with diamond studs bearing two tags, one with her license number and one with the number of All American Fitness on The Alameda, which Brooks and his wife, Lisa, co-own. The truck, which has six tires instead of the usual four, also bears the name "All American Fitness" on the tail gate. Brooks has been working out at the Gold's Gym on Monterey Road for 27 years. And as he's always done, he threw his bag and keys into a cubby while he lifted weights Monday morning between 8:20 and 9 a.m. But this Monday, someone took his stuff. And when he went outside to the parking lot, his truck and dog were gone. Jessica typically sleeps curled up in the back seat of the truck, windows left open and doors locked, each morning when Brooks works out. He then takes her to work, where she spends the day, licking and being petted by customers.

Jessica was given to his 17-year-old daughter Marissa when she was nearly 4 years old. Jessica goes to the fitness shop every day with Brooks and "has more friends at work than I do," he said. Brooks, who scrapped plans to take his wife to lunch on Valentine's Day because of his worry over Jessica, said it's no contest over what he's more upset over losing. "If I never see that car again, I won't lose an ounce of sleep," Brooks said. "But Jessica? I won't sleep 'til we find her. She is just a treasure." San Jose police are asking anyone who believes they've spotted Brook's GMC truck or Jessica to call 911, Dwyer said.

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