Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Days of Joy

These two beautiful souls are Molly and Max and I just finished 10 days of taking care of them two times a day while their family was on a fabulous vacation. Molly requires twice a day insulin shots and Max requires twice a day belly rubs. Well, not really, but he did get a lot of love from me. Although, I was taking care of them by feeding them, changing their water, providing their meds and rubbing their bellies, I think I was the one who was most taken care of. Visiting them everyday was pure joy and reminded me that they were so happy with the simple fact of just see me for a little while each day. Of course, they received treats and on certain days, turkey dogs (great pill hiding spot), but I like to think that they didn't care about that as much as they cared about me. If there was a way to make a true living by taking care of and being with dogs every single day, I'd be the "richest" girl in the world because wild dogs (pun, intended!) couldn't keep me away from that profession. 

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