Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play Time in the Sun (Finally!)

The sun is out. The grass is dry and cut. The boys deserve some play time. I got out the rope and teased Dingo by holding it in the air. He hasn't seen it a long time. "Come on boy. Try and get it."

He jumped. I let him taste it. Then I threw it!

He retrieved it and he was proud. See that prance?

Then, Buddy being Buddy (aka a Terrier) got mad and tried to take it away (all the while sounding like he's Cujo). 

 I got mad at and told him to "leave it! Dingo has the right to play without you trying to be the boss!" (You know, because he understands every word I'm saying.) Right on cue, he rolled over, submissively. 

 After a few more minutes of playing, Dingo sat down for a break. He was tired. He's getting to be my Oldtimer, you know. 

Then, I turned my attention to my little one who was pouting in the grass. "What's the matter, Buddy Baby? Did you get your feelings hurt?"

"Mommy's sorry, but you were not being a nice brother." 

 That's when he really laid on the charm and does what he does best...stare at me...mesmerize me. It didn't work. I DO NOT have a soft spot for this doe-eyed creature! But, I will convey that this is usually what I see when I say, "Buddy, who does your eyeliner because she does a really good job."  

Crazy Dogs!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day full of breezy sunshine. 

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