Friday, March 18, 2011

Sorry, boys.

Look at my poor, pitiful babies. Don't they look sad? Concerned? Perplexed? What's the matter, my baby boys? 

 Well, it turns out that today is my first born son's 13th birthday and my house is full of preparation, like baking the cake (done!), cleaning the house (almost done!) and preparing for the onslaught of teenage boys (Ok, so there's really no preparing for that!). In that process, my four legged babies are a little under foot and in the way, so it's outside for them today. 

"Mom, you in there? Did I mention that it's raining? . . . Mom?...Mom!!!!" 

Sorry, boys. 
You have a big awning to protect you from the rain and nice snuggly beds to keep you warm.

Happy Birthday, Dominic! 


Pesky Cat Designs said...

LOL! Especially love the pic of "peeking dog". Happy Birthday to your son!

Kelly said...

This is great. I can just imagine how happy Buddy was being outside with his favorite people inside.

K said...

No kidding, Kelly. I actually took some pictures and sat down to upload them on the computer to make the blog post and then looked up and saw him peeking through the window. I laughed OUT LOUD because it was so funny and so cute. I then, got the camera back out and took those last two pics of him peeking in the window to add to the post. He is such a little man, my Buddy.

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