Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

Well, for one, this card by Bob Kabob makes me Happy. The picture is of Peggy the Pug and that's her "Happy" look. There is also another card that has her not so happy mood, but I'll save featuring that for another day. We love Pugs in our house. They make us Happy. 

Other things (this is the short list) that make me happy (besides the obvious, like family and dogs) are Pinwheels (the chocolate kind), Banana Moon Pies (I can only find them at Powell's Sweet Shop), Banana Cream Pie (I've been known to eat the whole thing in two sittings. Well, ok, actually one sitting, but who's counting?), Cheez-Its (they can not be in my house), Music (Couldn't survive without it), Home Design books (Cottage and Cabins are my favorite subjects), Lake Tahoe (where my soul thrives), Santa Cruz County (where my heart resides) and last, but not least, Blog Full of Dogs, of course! What makes you Happy? Let me know. I'd love to hear. 

Respect the symbol! Image above © Copyright Bob Kabob. All rights reserved. 

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