Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bath Time!

I decided to save $30 and give the boys a bath in the backyard today. I could not wait one more day. Dingo was stinking me out of house and home. 

Buddy hates it, but he tries hard to still look proud. I was worried about the water being too cold, but I put both dogs in the sun to warm them up for about 30 minutes before I starting rinsing. Then, once done, leashed them to an area full of sun to keep them warm. We actually towel dried Buddy for a while and then wrapped him in warm towels afterward. 

All done! He looks like a big ole' bear, doesn't he? 

They are happily hanging out in the laundry room right now on their snuggly bedding. Ok, so "happily" is stretching it and I admit that Buddy isn't talking to me quite yet, but later tonight when they get tons and tons of pets because they are clean, they will forgive me. I hope. 

 I have to give Kudos to all the dog groomers out there. It's hard and messy work bathing dogs. I see now why I don't do it every week, like I should. 

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