Saturday, April 30, 2011

Down On Their Luck

The following is from an email group:

I am sending this message out on behalf of a man who needs a home for his 2 dogs.
He is a carpenter by trade, but he's down on his luck and collects bottles and cans to make some money.  He has 2 dogs he can not keep because he is renting a studio apartment with no dogs allowed.  One of his dogs looks almost identical to mine which is why we struck up a conversation in the first place.  I gave him my number a few weeks ago and he called me a couple days ago to ask me to put the word out because otherwise he will have to take them to the shelter soon.  

He LOVES these dogs. He has had the big one for 9 years.  They both look healthy and well taken care of.  I told him to wait a week because we have had great success getting wonderful dogs adopted through these Yahoo groups! : )

Ideally, it would be great if someone could adopt both dogs, but it is not necessary.   
Here are the stats on both: 

The Irish Collie??? mix is a girl, Coquita, fixed, 35 lbs. Good with other dogs, not cats.
She is 9 years old, healthy, but needs her shots.

The male is maybe dachshund or chihuahua mix, Dony, 20 lbs., not fixed. Good with
other dogs. He is 4 1/2, healthy, needs shots and neuter.

Please email me for the owner's information if you are interested and please pass this information on to people you know or other Yahoo groups.  Networking works wonders in these situations!


It's one thing to be down on your luck, but to have to lose your dogs as a result is very sad. These dogs are probably the brightest part of this man's day. I'd rather find a way to help him so he could keep his dogs. This story, as well as thousands of similar ones, makes me sad. If you want to help in this situation, please contact me at the blog. 

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