Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soquel Dog Lost and Found

Lynne Hubenette with her dog, Kaya. (Larissa Mueller/Sentinel)

By Shanna McCord, Santa Cruz Sentinel
SOQUEL -- For 17 days, Lynne Hubenette searched for her lost dog, Kaya, a 7-year-old mix of terrier and golden retriever.

Kaya had gone missing March 24, a day of heavy rain and high winds that brought floods, rockslides and other damage across the county.
She had gone outside for a bathroom break on Hubenette's 5-acre property on Bates Creek in Soquel and never returned.
Hubenette worried her dog might have fallen into the creek that empties into the larger Soquel Creek, or might have been attacked by another animal, but she refused to give up the search.
"She's very much a homebody, not the type to run off," Hubenette said. "So I never stopped looking."
After more than two weeks of combing the property, putting up "missing dog" posters and contacting animal shelters, Hubenette found Kaya on April 9. Walking around the property in the evening with a flashlight, she discovered the dog in a cave next to a ring of old-growth redwoods near the creek.
Hubenette believes Kaya could hear her name being called, but was unable to bark or yelp.
"Her litle face peeked out in the beam of light," she said. "It was a cave we'd never seen before."
Kaya had dropped about 10 pounds off her 40-pound frame and suffered from a tail fracture that had become infected. She was taken to Pacific Veterinarian Hospital on 41st Avenue, where the tail was amputated,
Otherwise, Kaya is doing fine and catching up on all the food she missed
while stuck in the cave, Hubenette said.
"She's re-learned balance, since her tail was pretty long," Hubenette said. "She's doing very well."

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