Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sorry, I've Been Gone

I've not been around my blog this week. Sorry, for that. I'm in the middle of major house upheaval, mostly because of painting, painting and more painting. My house looks like a bomb went off and every spare second is spent at Home Depot, my arch nemesis. Lowe's, I LOVE, but Home Depot is just about my worst nightmare. I've been there so much lately that it's starting to get a little better in terms of me not wanting to run out screaming, "I hate this place!" Since, I've been a very busy painting girl this week, I've decided to share this video of two sweethearts who do their own painting. Dogs love to play and get attention and they get to do both in this video, while also making some pretty cool art that I'd buy! 

P.S. I just want it to be known that my next house has to be perfect. It can't need any work whatsoever. It has to have a beautiful, updated kitchen, all new windows, as little carpet as possible, only one fruit tree, but it can't be grapefruit ( I now have two!). Oh, and it has to be somewhere that is not Silicon Valley!

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