Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog Worthy Bunny

I've been bunny sitting for the first time. Quite an experience, I must say. Bunnies are nothing like dogs, that's for sure! Her name is Vanilla, but Lucas and I call her Nilla. I affectionately call her my little Nilla Wafer. She grew on me. I was scared to death of her the first day because I just kept thinking she was going to bite me. She did like to nibble on my flip flops and I finally just took them off because I didn't want her to accidentally bite my toes. She's messy and hard to read (couldn't tell if she was excited or agitated when she was digging in the carpet or messing up her towels) and I still wouldn't want a bunny of my own, but it was fun to see her show bunny excitement when we arrived to take care of her. She always greeted us by coming up and sniffing our toes. She hopped excitedly around her carpet and loved when we gave her the daily treat of a pinch of carrots. 

The biggest stress? Well, it turns out, that my little Nilla Wafer shares a house with a snake, which we were also taking care of. It's in a cage, behind a closed door,  two floors up from the bunny, but I admit that I had more than one thought of worry about the snake somehow getting out and slithering down two flights of stairs and finding the bunny. Ack!

I'm still on semi-vacation from the blog, but just wanted to share my bunny sitting experience.

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