Thursday, July 28, 2011


 This is Tex. I met him by chance this week. I had to do a favor for someone special to me and upon delivery of the favor, I was mwith the most tough, ferocious bark I had ever heard. Well, not really, but don't tell Tex that. He thinks he sounds ferocious.

 Once, I peeked over a gate, I saw this little guy. He was the one making all of the noise.

 Turns out, Tex's dad, Dennis, is legally blind and Tex makes sure to let him know when someone is approaching the front door. Well, he definitely did on the day I visited. But, lucky for me (and for Lucas, who was also with me) we got to meet this sweet little guy. He is an amazing watch dog and and an even better friend to Dennis. It was a wonderful surprise. I love those.

Been away for a bit. My computer decided to die on me. Had to get another one. Took a risk on the new one and I hope it pays off and I don't have to hear any, "I told you so's". I hate those.

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