Friday, July 8, 2011

Unlikely Friendships

By Carol Memmott, USA TODAY

Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer Holland.

The feel good book of the summer -- maybe the year -- may very well by Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer Holland (Workman, $13.95) which published June 21. Subtitled 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom, the book is a compilation of touching tales and beyond adorable photos of unlikely animal pairs and their surprisingly nurturing relationships. Among them: the already famous Koko the gorilla and a kitten, but also an elephant and a stray dog, a leopard and a cow, an owl and a spaniel, and a tiger, a lion and a bear. Holland, a senior writer for National Geographic magazine, is getting much deserved kudos for the book. Temple Grandin has called it "amazing. It shows the power of friendship." The book is in its fifth printing and according to Workman publicist Selina Meere the total in print is now 138,000. Here's how Meere places the book in context: "The speed of reprints is unprecedented, but it reminds Workman of the feverish sales for books like 1,000 Places to See Before You Die which sold one million copies its first year and All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat which was sold to stores in prepacks that would land Friday and be gone by the end of the day Saturday."

This is Sophi and Bramble and their story is featured in the book. "When Bramble, a baby great horned owl, found shelter at a bird-of-prey conservations center in England, Sophi the spaniel fell hard, licking Bramble's beak and getting love pecks in return. Sometimes they'd fall asleep cuddling." via People Magazine, July 18, 2011.

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Espana said...

This book is absolutely marvelous. The stories are truly inspiring and bring to the forefront that nature is a creation of God Almighty and as such it truly proves that the Lion and the Lamb can lie down together in peace.

Each story that is shared will bring a smile to your face. From the Gorilla that adopts a cat to the dog that raises a pot-bellied pig. The pictures are truly inspiring and the stories bring them alive.

This is great little book to place on your coffee table or on the corner of your desk at work. People will love it. I have it on my desk at church and everyone who stops in to chat ends up looking through the book and finding it a fun diversion. Even the little kids that come by can't wait to take a look.

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