Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Word Shout-Outs!


This 12" X 12" Regal Beale giclee (a printing process that provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction)  print is just splendid. It would make a great gift for someone who has a Beagle and loves wine! By Stephen Fowler of Gemini Studio. Please go visit the site. He has so many other amazing pieces that you will have to force yourself to look away. 


 Haven't seen these before! The light switch and outlet cover by Lindsay's Lights are coated with many layers of sealant for durability and comes with screws painted in a complimentary color. The Etsy shop has many different designs and she also does custom orders. These two were my favorite for obvious reasons. What a great way to finish off a dog-themed room! "I got chills and they're multiplying..."


Whose dogs are these and how can I get one?  What a wonderfully photogenic moment. I'm so jealous that it wasn't me that took this picture. The lucky photographer is Bill Swindaman and he just happened to capture these two sleeping bulldogs while he was walking along a beach.  It's an 8 x 10 inch print on high quality paper. He makes sure to take great care in the mailing of his pieces, as well. Hurry, because for a limited time, he is offering a 15% discount on this wonderful piece of art. Tell him I sent you.

Have you ever seen anything more delicious? These Love Angels cake toppers by kikuike are so cute, it's almost painful. They are not edible, but are completely customizable, including the Swarovski crystals for eyes. So, if you know someone who has Pembroke Welsh Corgis and is getting married soon, I've just presented you with the perfect wedding gift. A Blog Full of Dogs favorite!


Could there ever be a sign more welcoming? I have always said that I would love to have a little shop on some busy and fabulous street and in the front window of the shop, there would be a sign that let people know that kids and dogs are always welcome. Well, Ellen Beeler of Visuaria must have heard me, because here's my sign! Love it. Now, I just have to work on that fantasy shop, so I'll have a place to hang the sign. 
 Now this is what I'm talking 'bout! These coasters are useful for me! Those who know me best, know that I always have a cold drink (usually Diet Pepsi) right by my side. So, with that, I have a weird excitement for coasters. These tile creations by Michy Creations have a cork bottom to protect furniture and are perfect for the dog lovers in your life.


Well, of course, "the dog did it!" How could that beautiful, innocent baby do anything bad? This cute onesie by My Itty Bitty Boutique says it all.  I might just have to buy one for someone I know who is expecting her first grand baby girl any day now! 


I have a confession to make. I'm very sentimental when it comes to jewelry. I have a necklace in the shape of Lake Tahoe that I never take off. It's my subtle, sentimental way of saying " I love Lake Tahoe." It was a 40th birthday gift to myself, thank you very much. So, when I saw this sweet paw-shaped charm necklace, I just had to share with my readers. It's a subtle and sentimental way to say, "I love dogs." By Michelle Hartney of Recycled Rings.


Our dogs think we are the greatest thing since sliced ham, so it should be inspiring to try and live up to that expectation every day. This 11 x 14 inch print can be a wonderful reminder. Buy it. Frame it. Place it somewhere you will have to see it every single day. As you get cut off in traffic, think of the phrase. As you stub your toe on your child's backpack in the entryway, think of the phrase. As you watch your child get tripped in a soccer game, think of the phrase. In fact, as you live, day to day, think of the phrase. Your dog will be proud. By Victoria Smith of SF Girl By The Bay. 

It is my strong belief that every room needs a little black and every house needs a little whimsy. If you have dogs, this is your whimsy!  Well, the dogs themselves are whimsical, but that's a post for a different day. This colorful and fun leash holder cracked me up when I saw it and it just had to be a part of this edition of Shout-Outs! It's by Aplomb Designs and you just have to go and visit their online shop because it's full of amazing, fun and whimsical designs. 

Well, that's it for this edition of the much requested Shout-Outs! Hope you enjoyed my fantastic finds. Woof!

Respect the symbol! 
All images and designs above are © Copyright protected by their individual creators. All rights reserved. 

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