Saturday, August 6, 2011

Snoopy Brings Happy Thoughts

This is my Snoopy flag that I usually have hanging in front of my house during the summer. This summer I decided that it was finally too faded to be put out. I need to find another one, but, for now, this picture is a good memory of the happiness that is supposed to be summer. Of course tonight, the hopeless romantic in me (who I thought was dead and buried) just bawled her eyes out watching a movie (Up Close and Personal) that I had never seen before. It was such a "great love" story. Robert Redford was painfully good to her (Michelle Pfeiffer) and she loved him so much, so unconditionally that I was overwhelmed with their story and their love and their inevitable parting.

So, as I contemplate going to bed with a stuffy nose, red eyes and a puffy face,  I decided that I need to post something Happy and Cheery and Snoopy always brings happy thoughts!

Happy Two Year Anniversary to this crazy creative outlet that I call Blog Full of Dogs!

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