Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toby Gets A Roommate

Well, well, well. Look who showed up in front of my friend Jill's house. 

 He's a terrier mix puppy, who's probably less than a year old. 

Her main man, Toby had to be kept inside. One, there was no way to know how he would react to a new puppy in his yard and two, the new puppy was infested with fleas!

 I came over to her house, with my trusty side kick, Lucas and we all three gave the puppy a bath with flea soap. He DID NOT react well to the bath. He was scared to death. 

 But afterwards, we wrapped him in a towel and he fell asleep in Lucas' arms. It was like it was the first time he felt comfort, relief and love. He was as still as a rock. 

 He is a very sweet and handsome boy. 

Even after the bath, we were still picking off fleas. Most of them were dead, but some still kept on trucking. Stubborn little things. Not sure where he came from, but wherever it was, he wasn't taken care of. He also isn't neutered.  Jill took him to find out if he is micro-chipped. Nope! He isn't. He's a little lost soul, without a home of his own.

After he dried off a bit, I helped her introduce Toby to the new puppy and it went way better than expected. Toby was actually the mellow one and the puppy was the one who got a little persnickety!

 They did eventually begin to play and began to get to know each other. 

 Before I left, I made sure to have her feed the new puppy so that we could see how the two dogs do in regards to food. Let's just say that their fragile friendship was broken by a complete all-out fight! The puppy was not going to have Toby anywhere near his food and when he attacked Toby, well, Toby fought back and we had to separate the two of them. 

Once the food was taken away and they had a little "time out", it was back to play time. We all know from my numerous other posts, Toby LIVES for playing ball.

 And will do whatever you ask of him, in order to get you to THROW THE BALL!
 Me doing what I love best...documenting the story for my blog!

 Jill still has the puppy. She thought about keeping him, but has decided that she needs to find him his own forever home. She will keep him until she can find him a new home or she can find someone fabulous to foster him. If you are interested, please contact me at the blog and I will do what I can. Let's find "Puppy" a new home!

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