Saturday, September 17, 2011

Buddy, Eat!

Ok. Here's a little peek in to my world. When I feed the dogs, I have to leash Dingo up first. He eats while tethered to the fence because if I didn't, he would eat both bowls of food. If I take him away and try to feed the dogs separately, Buddy won't eat. In fact, he won't eat until Dingo has started eating. I used to sit and watch them eat and make sure that Dingo didn't go and hog Buddy's food. That got old really quickly, so I had to start leashing Dingo up so that I could actually leave them and get some things done. Buddy eats slower than the day is long and sometimes, as in this video, I have to constantly tell him to go eat. "Buddy, eat!" Yep. That's what I say. Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn't. This morning, he did! Mission Accomplished.

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