Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elisa's Baby Girl

This beautiful lady is my friend Elisa and she would like to introduce her new baby girl, Luna. Elisa and her family adopted Luna from the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (GSRNC).
Elisa, much like myself and many other mommies around the globe, lives in an all male household, including her other dog, Jasper. So, when it was time to adopt again, Elisa would have nothing other than a baby girl by her side. Here is what Elisa wrote to me: 

"The GSRNC is a great organization that rescues German Shepherds from shelters all
around Northern Cali and they have a very thorough process for
adopting out their dogs.  I was impressed and very pleased to see how
much time and effort their volunteers put into making sure that their
dogs get placed in loving, safe homes.  After filling out an online
application, a phone interview, and having a home inspection, we took
Jasper and the boys to meet Luna at one of the GSRNC adoption days
where Luna was going to be.  I had already fallen in love with her
based on her bio on the website, I thought she'd be perfect for our
family.  After meeting her, the boys were in love too.  And, as you
know (and I'm sure can sympathize) , after living in a house full of
males, there was no way I was going to adopt anything but a female

 "We decided to go with a rescue agency,
since there are so many dogs that need a home, and we would easily
find a 1-3 year old dog who needed her forever home.  The great thing
about adopting a older dog is that Luna is crate trained, house broken
and knows a lot of basic commands.  The agency was really forthcoming
with all her medical history and her likes and dislikes (no cats!) and
her "quirks".  There hasn't been any surprises with her and she's
adjusting great to her new home."

 "Since having Luna for 2 weeks, she does live up to her "active" and
"athletic" descriptions that we got from the GSRNC adoption counselor
and her foster mom.  She had a playdate with my friend's 7 month old
puppy last week, and the puppy tired out faster than Luna!  My cousin
was here with her GSD over the weekend, and Luna drove Sami nuts.  I
think Jasper was happy though, it gave him a break from Luna for a
while.  I do have to say that having Luna has perked Jasper up a bit.
Even though he's 10 and has very bad arthritis, he still likes to play
with her, and has definitely shown her who's boss!"

"Luna and I will start doggie school soon.  It was recommended so that
we can continue to work on her obedience, but also for her to bond
with us more.  The one thing we really need to work on is that she
tries to herd Trent, since he's about her height and weight.  She
thinks he's a playmate and jumps all over him and tries to herd him
when they are running around the yard.  He still loves her to death,
even though she knocked him down a couple times.  He was so happy this
morning when she came in and woke him up with a bunch of kisses.  I
guess that's more pleasant than me yelling, "Get up, your gonna be
late for school!"

Congratulations, Elisa, David, Cade and Trent! Luna is a beautiful soul and a wonderful addition to your family. The fact that she was adopted makes this story even more sweet. Thank you for taking the time to write me and tell her her story. And...thanks for voting for me in Country Living's Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards, as I know you did!

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